JavaScript OTR Browser Performance

So for the past few weeks I have been developing a JavaScript OTR library. It’s still in alpha stage right now although it can communicate with other OTR-compliant chat client. When the code is ready, I might release it for public use.

That aside, now I want to show you a simple benchmark of how different browser perform with this library.

UPDATE: I added android browser benchmark.

#1 The fastest one: Google Chrome

#2 A little behind: Mozilla Firefox (Without firebug)

#3 Almost three times slower than Firefox: Opera

#4 A bit slower than Opera: Safari for Windows

#5 Surprisingly faster than IE9: Dolphin Browser HD (Android 4.0.4 Aoson M11 tablet)

#6 The slowest desktop browser, far behind: Internet Explorer 9 (duh)

#7 Out of curiosity I tested my phone: Dolphin Browser Mini (Android 2.3.7 Huawei Ideos x5 phone)

I have only tested it on the above browsers.

Note: I use JSBN for BigInteger computation but I use Leemon‘s powMod for modular exponentiation because it’s faster.


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