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A Year of Silence

So, it’s almost a year from the last post I made.

Here’s a couple of updates:


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JavaScript OTR Browser Performance

So for the past few weeks I have been developing a JavaScript OTR library. It’s still in alpha stage right now although it can communicate with other OTR-compliant chat client. When the code is ready, I might release it for public use.

That aside, now I want to show you a simple benchmark of how different browser perform with this library.

UPDATE: I added android browser benchmark.

#1 The fastest one: Google Chrome

#2 A little behind: Mozilla Firefox (Without firebug)

#3 Almost three times slower than Firefox: Opera

#4 A bit slower than Opera: Safari for Windows

#5 Surprisingly faster than IE9: Dolphin Browser HD (Android 4.0.4 Aoson M11 tablet)

#6 The slowest desktop browser, far behind: Internet Explorer 9 (duh)

#7 Out of curiosity I tested my phone: Dolphin Browser Mini (Android 2.3.7 Huawei Ideos x5 phone)

I have only tested it on the above browsers.

Note: I use JSBN for BigInteger computation but I use Leemon‘s powMod for modular exponentiation because it’s faster.

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Pimp Your Simple Page

First let me say that I do realize that I haven’t post anything for quiet a long time. Although I do experience many things related to programming world, I just couldn’t put my though on writing it.

So, after a long time of silence I want to post something about Bootstrap.

Bootstrap is simple and flexible HTML, CSS, and Javascript for popular user interface components and interactions.

Simply put, Bootstrap helps you build your HTML documents faster because it has many predefined styles for almost all your HTML needs. From grid system to form element, from typography to jQuery plugins, all are provided for free (Apache License 2.0) by Twitter.

Today I decided to use Bootstrap to “pimp” my old simple pages.



Pretty neat huh? All I did was rearrange the HTML tags without writing a single line of CSS. I recommend you to check Bootstrap too and see what can you produce with it.

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PHP Micro-Framework

Few days ago I was searching for a RESTful PHP framework to help me develop a little project of mine. As I was searching, I stumbled upon PHP micro-framework. At first I didn’t know what that means, but as I dug deeper I saw some new ideas, new ways to develop a web application.

As you know, I have experienced with several PHP frameworks before, but all of them have many things in common: MVC, Controller-Action mapped to route, etc. When I read about micro-frameworks, they don’t enforce you to any fixed architecture. You could build your own architecture, they only provide the basics such as routing and database wrapper, thus the name “micro”.
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I’m Back

I can’t believe how long has it been since I last post something here. Well I got this job that has been draining my time away from writing anything. Either that or I am just too lazy :|.

Anyway, now I think I have something to write about so I’ll start with writing a post about I’m coming back to this blog. And this is that post.

Next? I’m thinking about micro-framework.

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